Teen e-cig lover admits: “I vaped my dad’s wee”

Teen e-cig lover admits: “I vaped my dad’s wee”

A teenager who repeatedly ignored his parents’ requests that he stop vaping, ended up puffing on plumes of his father’s urine.

Reddit user OmegaTigBitties took to the internet to vent his anger after his dad tried some rather unorthodox tough love tactics in a bid to discourage his son from vaping nicotine.

The unnamed 18-year-old posted to reddit 10-days ago asking users for help as he thought something was wrong with his e-cigarette.

“I went to grab my juice. Since I haven't vaped in about a week, my juice just sat there, and it looked more liquidy than normal,” he wrote online.

“I continued to fill my tank, soak the wick and took a hit..

“What.. the f**k.. the taste I was getting was a mix of dog p**s and grape(which was the flavor) and no clouds came out.

“I tried again and again, gagging at the taste but to no avail.

“Can someone tell me what's going on?”

Some days later his answer came after his mother found his brand new Kangertech Subox Mini e-cigarette, and gave it to his dad to destroy.

According to the reddit post his father then sent him an image of the broken device with the caption

“What a shame. They just don’t make them like they used to. Must be the Chinese."

The father then drops a bomb on his annoyed son, admitting that:

“Well, when pissing in the vaping fluid doesn’t go the trick, then a guy has to resort to the hammer.”

To which his gobsmacked son replied “Did you really piss in it? Vaping ammonia is pretty dangerous, more dangerous than juice.


The father promptly finishes the argument with “the world is my toilet. Vaping bottles are my favourite.

OmegaTigBitties took to reddit to tell other users his horror story

"Just wanted to share this with you as I'm livid right now and don't know what to do, knowing that i lost my Kangertech Subox Mini, and my Horizon arctic tank, and 20$ in juice, along with the fact that i vaped my own father's piss."