Teacher shows students Fifty Shades film as she didn't know what it was about

Stars of the film Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan
Stars of the film Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

A teacher in the US asked her class what film they wanted to see and agreed to put on Fifty Shades as she didn't know what the steamy film was about.

As often happens as the end of the school year approaches, a teacher decided to reward her students for all their hard work by letting them watch a film in class.

She asked the students what they wanted to see and the cheeky pups asked to see Fifty Shades of Grey, the steamy S & M romp starring our own Jamie Dornan.

We would have expected the teacher to shoot this down but it seems the teacher in question had never heard of the flick so she put it on.

According to a report in the Charleston Daily Mail, the film was stopped about 10 minutes in when an assistant principal walked past the room, saw what was on and stopped the movie.

“I will say it was an extreme lack of judgment from an otherwise very capable teacher,” the school’s principal, Jeff Woofter, told Charleston Daily Mail. “The teacher didn’t do a background check on the movie or even ask about it.” 

We find it hard to believe that anyone hadn't heard about Fifty Shades at this point but it seems those ads and articles missed at least one person.

There is no news on whether the teacher faces any disciplinary action for her error but we suspect she won't be offering any free movies to her students in the future.