Teacher in trouble after asking students to take selfies with parents' sex toys

A sex toy search started by a teacher has caused a fuss
A sex toy search started by a teacher has caused a fuss

A teacher in the US is in a spot of bother after he asked students to go and take selfies with their parents' sex toys.

According to reports in California, the geometry teacher of the 15 and 16 year olds at Encinal High School jokingly asked his students to root around in their parents' bedrooms and take a snap with any intimate items such as condoms or sex toys.

However, one student actually did it and the teacher used the picture as an example to others to follow to get the extra credit.

The unusual assignment was uncovered when a parent heard about it when their child told a counsellor, who then passed on their concern to the school.

Another parent, Kimberly Cobene, heard directly from her own child who told her the teacher joked, “If you got caught, that would be funnier.”

“I was like, are you serious? Are you kidding me?” Cobene said.

However, students of the teacher, who is also the school's basketball coach, says he was only joking and that he was a 'cool, funny' teacher.

An investigation is underway and the teacher is on leave until the matter is resolved.