Tallest cow in the world poops 150lbs a day

Tallest cow in the world poops 150lbs a day

The tallest cow in the world poops 150lbs worth of droppings a day.

Danniel - who is believed to be the biggest bovine on the planet - towers over his fellow cattle at 6ft 4 inches and weights an eye-watering 2,296lb so it's no wonder he happily chomps down on 100lbs on hay and guzzles 100 gallons of water in just 24 hours.

But, despite his size, his owner Ken Farley is so proud of his "big puppy."

Ken, from Eureka, California, told the Express.co.uk: "We first noticed that he was abnormally big when he was about six months and he was being bottle feed.

"At the end of six months he would just knock the bottle out of my hands and was just too big to handle. Holsteins are known to be large animals, they're know for their size, but he is a bit taller than the average Holstein."

However, although they love him very much, Ken and his partner Ann can no longer look after Danniel due to his size and have now found him a permanent home elsewhere.