Talking in cinemas is no.1 annoying habit

Talking in cinemas is no.1 annoying habit

Talking in the cinema is the most annoying habit.

Empire Cinemas surveyed movie-goers to discover what distracts them the most when watching a film, in an attempt to improve the experience for their customers.

According to their research, 67 per cent of Brits are most frustrated by loud talking, while the use of mobile phones ranked second with 49 per cent.

Keen to answer the cries of film lovers, Empire is kicking off a referee service starting today (01.04.16), which will crack down on cinema fouls such as noisy eating and texting.

Jon Nutton, Marketing Director of Empire Cinemas, said: "Our primary goal is to guarantee our customers have the ultimate cinema experience and cinema etiquette plays a huge part in this."

The film wardens will be present in select film screenings, handing out yellow and red cards to disruptive customers.