Tabasco sauce to fire up BBQ's this summer

Tabasco sauce to fire up BBQ's this summer

Tabasco has collaborated with a chef to bring a red-hot taste to BBQ's this summer.

Southern BBQ chef Brad McDonald of London's Shotgun and Lockhart restaurants have teamed up with spicy condiment brand to help foodies raise their 'steaks' when it comes to cooking a tasty BBQ.

Among the new mouth-watering recipes is New Orleans style chargrilled Oysters with Tabasco, Grilled Korean Short Ribs with Salsa Verde made with Tabasco Green Sauce, Spicy BBQ Sauce made with Tabasco Sauce and Brad McDonald's Dirty Rice with Tabasco Sauce.

Brad is on hand to show would-be budding chefs whether to smoke or grill their food for the best taste in a series of YouTube videos explaining the different BBQ techniques, from when to use them, which equipment to use right through to using the right cuts of meats, and how to create those rich, deep Southern style flavours.