Robbery suspect caught after he is identified by 'distinctive' tattoos

Paul Wayne Terry (Pic via Tulsa County Jail)
Paul Wayne Terry (Pic via Tulsa County Jail)

A suspect accused of robbing another man at knifepoint has been arrested after the victim described his attacker's distinctive facial tattoos, including a pair of horns and an anti-police obscenity.

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said 27-year-old Paul Wayne Terry was arrested on a complaint of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Officer Leland Ashley said the victim told police a man and a woman knocked on his apartment door on Friday, forced their way inside and threatened to stab him if he did not hand over his wallet.

The victim, who did give them his wallet, said the male suspect had horns tattooed on his forehead.

Mr Ashley said Terry was arrested the next day, adding: "He wasn't hard to identify."