Survey reveals the 10 most annoying phrases to use in work

The phrases that drive workers crazy
The phrases that drive workers crazy

A survey by a recruitment company has revealed the 10 most irritating phrases in the workplace.

Two thousand workers in the UK were surveyed by reed.co.uk and they came up with the phrases that most got under their skin at work.

Top of the list was  the dreaded phrase 'Can I borrow you for a sec', which annoyed 13 per cent of workers and was also the most common phrase heard, with 41 per cent claiming it had been used in their workplace.

The really annoying reply 'How long is a piece of string' was second while the meaningless 'think outside the box' was third.

Fourth was the god-awful phrase 'teamwork, dreamwork' while 'keep me in the loop' was fifth.

The top 10 of awful phrases was rounded out by 'win-win' at six, 'pick your brains' at seven, 'I'm stacked' at eight, 'Blue-sky thinking' at nine and 'just playing devil's advocate' at 10.

The survey also revealed that almost half, 42 per cent, didn't understand the phrase 'let's take it offline' thinking it meant discuss a topic face-to-face rather than planning to discuss it after the meeting.