Stolen dog Alfie rescued after flagging down RSPCA van by himself

Alfie flagged down the van himself
Alfie flagged down the van himself

A stolen dog dumped by callous thieves has engineered a rescue by flagging down a passing RSPCA van more than 100 miles from its home in the UK.

Alfie the Yorkshire Terrier brought charity inspector Stephanie Law's van to a halt on a country road in Buckinghamshire, after dashing out of nearby woodland and into the middle of the lane, barking and jumping to attract attention.

Braking to a stop, Ms Law then opened her door only for Alfie to immediately jump inside and casually sit himself down.

The RSCPA officer then scanned its microchip, revealing the dog to be a seven-year-old terrier stolen from a house in Wednesbury in the West Midlands on March 21.

We salute your initiative, Alfie - you little canine legend!