Small town elects dog as mayor, beating a cat, a chicken and a donkey

Brynneth Pawltro, the latest dog mayor of Rabbit Hash
Brynneth Pawltro, the latest dog mayor of Rabbit Hash

A small town in the US has elected a dog as its mayor, the fourth time a canine has taken the honour

The town of rabbit Hash, Kentucky only has a population of around 300, so they don't really need a mayor but last year a pitbull named Brynneth Pawltro took on the four-year tenure after beating off competition from a cat, a donkey, a chicken and a small boy, according to local TV station WDRB.

The town first elected a dog as mayor in 1998 as a fund-raiser, with a cost of a dollar for each vote.

The first dog mayor was Goofy Borneman- Calhoun, who was followed in 2004 by black Labrador Junior Cochran.

He died in office in 2008 and a special election was held to elect  a border collie,. Lucy Lou, the first female mayor of the town.

She ruled for eight years before Brynneth Pawltro took up office after raising $3367.

The two runners-up in the mayoral race, two dogs named Bourbon and Lady Stone, are now ambassadors for the town and attend functions of the mayor is unavailable.