Shocked Ryanair passengers told no toilet paper on 2.5 hour flight

Low blow: no paper on flight
Low blow: no paper on flight

Ryanair passengers on a flight from Spain were hit with a bum note when cabin crew announced there would be no toilet paper on board.

 The announcement was made on the service from from Murcia to London to horrified gasps from fliers on the two-and-a-half hour flight.

The cabin crew announced the alarming news during their safety demonstration.

Passengers were also advised that there would be no milk available for the duration of the flight last Sunday to London Stansted.

Shaun O'Dea, who was returning from a three-day break a told papers:  'Everyone has horrified looks on their faces; to be able to go to the toilet is a basic need.  It really was appalling.'

A Ryanair spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: 'This very rare and regrettable stock shortage (on the last flight last Sunday evening) was caused by the failure of our handling agents in Murcia to deliver toilet rolls and milk sachets that had been ordered on the turnaround in Murcia. 

'Our crew explained to passengers that we wished to prioritise an on time departure for London Stansted rather than wait for these items to be delivered and cause a significant ATC delay for all our customers. 

'Our passengers were very understanding and we apologised sincerely to them for any inconvenience caused.'