SHOCK FOOTAGE: Men caught having sex with cars

SHOCK FOOTAGE: Men caught having sex with cars

In a bizarre case of copycats or duel perversion, two men on opposite sides of the world have been caught having sex with cars this week.

The first clip, which appeared online late last week shows a man in Brazil having sex with the exhaust pipe of a Volkswagen Fox.



The pervert spots the camera man and without batting an eyelid continues throttling away at the automobile, without a care in the world.

Today a second piece of footage has appeared online, preporting to show a Thai man having sex with a Porsche Boxter



The man can be seen strolling around a carpark before he crouches down behind the luxury German sportscar and allegedly begins copulating with the vehicles exhaust pipe.

The man pulls up his pants and changes position, this time he humps the car’s front grille and registration plate.

He then scuttles back to the rear of the vehicle where he seems to position himself under the bumper.

Mechanophilia is the term for having a sexual attraction to machines.

In 2012 TLC’s My Strange Addiction showed a man introducing his father to the car he considers to be his girlfriend.