Shelter dog saves cat from sewer

Shelter dog saves cat from sewer

A shelter dog has saved a cat stuck down a sewer.

Leopard - a six-year-old Shar Pei who is recovering from a cancerous tumour - has been dubbed a "hero" after he walked over to a sewer gate and laid down to gain the attention of his walker after he heard the kitty meow from down the drain.

The volunteer walker - who helps exercise the dogs in the rescue centre - soon realised that Leopard was trying to tell her something and raised the alarm.

Mindy Naticchioni - an administrator at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio, USA - told Inside Edition: "Had Leopard not alerted us that something was going on with the sewer, we may not have known the cat was even in there. Leopard is a hero."

The cat was rescued by the shelter volunteers and it was said to be healthy and unharmed. They have since homed the furry mammal after failing to find its owners.