Seagull makes pensioner prisoner

Seagull makes pensioner prisoner

A grandmother was made a prisoner in her home for three days by a pesky seagull.

The 80-year-old woman was casually putting her washing out to dry when the vicious seabird started attacking her leg.

In reaction to the incident, Barbara Cox, ran into her home in Brighton and phoned the emergency services.

The old lady ended up staying inside her house for 72 hours hiding out.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: " Two seagulls swooped down on me and one attached itself to my leg.

"I was terrified - I'm 80 years old. It came down and grabbed me on the leg with its claws. It pecked me and caused me to bleed.

"It seemed like they were attacking forever but it must have been a minute or so.

"I fell back trying to fight them off, then managed to get up crying and saw the blood on my leg and went inside to get it washed and sterillised

"It was horrible. I was too scared to go outside of my house for three days."