Science proves that your dog loves you way more than your cat

The truth about cats and dogs
The truth about cats and dogs

Sciertists have finally proven which pet loves you more, your dog or your cat.

According to the Telegraph, the long debate between dog and cat lovers can finally be put to bed and the dog wins by quite a distance.

For an upcoming BBC documentary called "Cats v. Dogs" a team of scientists decided to do some testing to see just how much love pets feel for their humans.

It had already been proven that dogs, just like humans, release a 'love hormone' called oxycotin and it is released when they interact with their owners.

For us, when we see a loved one levels of the hormone rise by between 40 and 60 per cent in the blood.

When dogs were tested after playing with their owners they discovered their levels were up 57 per cent.

For cats the increase was just 12 per cent.

That shows that dogs certainly appear to feel more for their owners however the scientists were still impressed with the level shown by cats, as it had been thought that perhaps they didn't produce any of the 'love hormone'.

So cats DO love their owners, but just not as much as dogs.