Savage and Cooper down, Tubridy and Hook up in latest JNLR figures

On the up: Ryan Tubridy
On the up: Ryan Tubridy

Anton Savage and Matt Cooper are the big losers and Ryan Tubridy and George Hook the big winners in the new JNLR radio listenership figures – mainly thanks to musical chairs from station jumping.

Other big losers are Pat Kenny and Ian Dempsey while other big winners are Sean O’Rourke, Claire Byrne and Newstalk's Breakfast Show.

Ryan Tubridy’s move to Radio 1 is paying dividends as he increases listeners.

Tubridy’s show on Radio 1 – which he started two months ago - commands 307,000 listeners in its 9am to 10am compared to the previous programme presented by John Murray, which had 296,000 listeners when he was polled three months ago.

Tubs’ last figure on 2FM was 191,000, so he has 116,000 more fans thanks to his move.

Pat Kenny has seen his listenership tumble from 143,000 last year to 134,000 this this year (although he has remained static since the same period three months ago).

The Nicky Byrne show with Jenny Green on 2FM has seen a rise from 150,000 to 163,000, although they are on a different slot.

Ray D’Arcy’s new show on Radio 1 has seen him command a listenership of 199,000, compared to 198,000 under Derek Mooney this time last year, although D’Arcy has added an extra 9,000 listeners compared to what he had three months ago (he started in February).

Anton Savage replaced D’Arcy on Today FM earlier this year and his show now pulls in 191,000, compared to 221,000 when D’Arcy was presenting it last year – a huge drop of 30,000.

2FM’s Breakfast Republic had a 6am to 10am slot last year and had 196,000 listeners then, but in its shorter 7am to 9am period has 119,000 fans.

George Hook is the biggest winner of all with his Newstalk show seeing the biggest leap from 113,000 to 148,000 – a huge 35,000, perhaps at the expense of Matt Cooper, who has shed 18,000 listeners.

There has been no change in any of the national station’s percentage ratings.

RTE Radio 1 still stands at 24%, Today FM next on 13%, Newstalk and 2FM with 11% each and Lyric with 4%.

In Dublin FM104 stands at 19% (up 1%), Spin 14%, 98FM at 10%, Q102 9%, Sunshine 6% (up 1%) and new station TXFM at 2%, while in Cork 96FM has 40% of the local market there and Red FM 30%.

Here are other relevant figures for this year (TY) compared to the same time slot last year (LY)

RTE Radio 1

Sean O’Rourke

TY 328,000

LY 295,000

UP 33,000

Joe Duffy’s Liveline  

TY 371,000

LY 369,000

 UP 2,000

Morning Ireland    

TY  439,000

LY 429,000

UP 10,000

News at 1            

TY 325,000

 LY 300,000

UP 25,000


Claire Byrne Saturday show

TY 240,000

LY 202,000

UP 38,000

Marian Finucane Saturday  

TY 396,000

 LY 350,000

  UP 46,000

Marian Finucane Sunday      

TY 338,000

LY 343,000

DW 5,000


TY 226,000

LY 227,000

DW 1,000


Ian Dempsey          

TY 181,000

LY 196,000

DW 15,000

Matt Cooper            

TY 135,000

LY 153,000

DW 18,000


Breakfast Show        

TY 178,000

LY 153,000

UP 25,000