Sales of male nipple covers soar above 55,000

Sales of male nipple covers soar above 55,000

A record-breaking 55,000 nipple covers for men have been sold.

The plasters are designed to minimise the chaffing for sportsmen and women but men who don't want their nipples on show have been snapping up the product.

It is thought the increase in sales is due to Japanese women feeling repulsed at the sight of male nipples through their clothing, according to the Metro newspaper.

An advert to plug the product shows a split screen featuring a man on a date with a woman who's having a great time until she realises she can see his nipples through his t-shirt and storms out in disgust. Meanwhile the other side of the screen, a man is wearing nipple plasters and results in the pair falling in love.

Back in 2013, a survey of Japanese women found 84 per cent were turned off by men's nipples.