Roasted crickets to be sold

Roasted crickets to be sold

Roasted crickets are set to be sold in high street shops.

Edible insect company Grub has revealed the dead cooked insects will be available to buy in a range of flavours at Whole Foods in December after securing its first listing.

Shami Radio, who launched the company in 2013, told meatinfo.co.uk: "We are delighted to have secured the first listing with Whole Foods Market our Roasted Crickets, which are already proving very popular among customers.

"We have been eating insects for thousands of years as they are such a nutritious food source - it seems crazy not to use them. We just need to embrace them for the tasty and sustainable source of protein they are."

The roasted crickets are available to buy in chilli and lime, English herbs and salt and vinegar.

But it's not just roasted crickets on the menu as the company are also planning to release a freeze-dried range next year.