Ride on time; Experts reveal the best time to bonk

Best time to have sex revealed
Best time to have sex revealed

Boffins have cracked a code that reveals the best time of the day to have sex, and it is different depending how old you are.

Sleep experts came up with this list as they studied the body's natural rhythms of rest and reaction to sunlight.

And just as you might sleep at different times and for different lengths depending on your age, that pattern can also be found in the best time for sex.

So, here is what the experts revealed in the Telegraph.


At this age you should be full of energy and the best time to get down to business is 3pm, when bodies experience a natural energy boost.

The best time for those in their 20s to wake is at 9.30am and sleep is best at 1am.


Up and at 'em as the experts say that 8.20am is peak time for making love. The arrival of sunlight stimulates both male and female hormones at this time.

Conveniently, the best time to wake if you are in your thirties is 8.10am and they should be asleep by 11.40pm, so turn off Netflix and go to bed.


Off to bed early for you as 10.20pm is the best time to get busy.

At this age you should be asleep before midnight and you will start to naturally wake earlier, so bound out of bed at 7.50am.


In your fifties life is at its busiest so the best time to fit sex in, so to speak, is at 10pm.

The more hectic lifestyle also demands that you should be asleep by 10.30pm and if you fancy a drink, get it into you in the early evening as the liver takes longer to process the booze at this age.


Those in their sixties should get swinging at 8pm, the ideal midpoint between dinner and bed at this age.

Hormones will start to make bed seem like a good idea by 10pm at this age and dinner should be eaten by 6.30pm.

You should feel like getting up at 6.30am now.


Like the previous decade, sex in your seventies is best at 8pm and bedtime should be early as people at this age often wake a lot during the night.