Revealed: The most and least successful counties for Lotto wins

Revealed: The most and least successful counties for Lotto wins

Figures have shown that a winning Lotto ticket is most likely to be bought in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Donegal.

Louth, Kildare and Mayo also come in high on the list of selling winning tickets.

The news is not so good for residents of Leitrim, Longford and Laois, the three counties where the fewest winning tickets have been purchased.

A spokeswoman told the Mirror the figures prove the jackpot ticket is not always won in the West of the country, like many Dubliners believe.

She added: “The figures speak for themselves and these figures are just for the jackpots, but there is also the Plus One and Plus Two prizes, where there are big winners too.

“Dublin and Cork would have some of the highest populations so it would only be natural to see higher figures in those counties. But Louth is the smallest county in Ireland so it is fantastic to see that has a high number of wins at 75 and Donegal is quite high with 87.

“It’s fantastic to see lots of winning happening across the country.”

The list, which shows the county which has sold the most winning tickets down to the least, reads as follows:

Dublin 565

Cork 172

Galway 92

Donegal 87

Louth 75

Kildare 69

Mayo 58

Limerick 57

Meath 54

Wicklow 54

Tipperary 50

Wexford 45

Clare 40

Waterford 39

Kerry 36

Westmeath 30

Cavan 26

Kilkenny 24

Carlow 22

Monaghan 22

Sligo 22

Offaly 19

Roscommon 19

Laois 13

Longford 13

Leitrim 7

In population terms, the most likely county to pick up a golden ticket in is Louth – the county’s residents chances of winning the jackpot come in at 0.06%.

Laois, meanwhile, comes in as the county where residents are least likely to strike gold at 0.016%.