Restaurant offers 10,000 calorie chicken meal

Restaurant offers 10,000 calorie chicken meal

A restaurant is offering diners a chance to win £500 - if they eat a 10,000 calorie chicken meal.

Huckleberry's restaurant in Darlington, County Durham, is offering diners the chance to win the pricey reward if they manage to demolish no less than eight chicken breasts, waffles and a heap of chips in 45 minutes, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Adam Moran, also known as Beard Meets Food, the UK's most well known competitive eater, failed to complete the challenge.

Of the feat, he said: "This is without a doubt the hardest challenge I've taken on to date and I defy anyone in the UK to complete it.

"Huckleberry's chefs are great at coming up with fantastic food challenges but this one takes the biscuit - it's simply a monster of a meal and is not for the faint-hearted."