Rescued kittens left in bin bag befriend vet's dog

Rescued kittens left in bin bag befriend vet's dog

Three kittens have been found dumped in a bin bag at the side of a road in Essex, UK.

The trio - which have been named Rupert, Doreen and Marion - are now being nursed back to health by a local vet and have made friends with her dog.

RSPCA inspector Adam Jones, who collected the cats in Kelvedon Road, Tiptree, said: "The kittens must have only been between two and three weeks old.

"Their eyes were barely open and they certainly shouldn't be away from their mother at such a young age.

"The lady who called us came across them after her own cat kept trying to get to the bin bag and, when she investigated, she discovered the little babies inside.

"To leave such vulnerable and helpless kittens in a bag by the side of the road is just deplorable.

"Thankfully, the cats were not injured and are in relatively good health."

The kittens, found on October 17, are now being cared for by vet Ami Cooper at her home.

Once old enough, they will be available for rehoming via the RSPCA.

"They are going from strength to strength," said Ms Cooper. "They're doing really well and getting stronger every day.

"They are living with me while I hand-rear them.

"I feed them and then my dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier-cross called Minnie, cleans them. She loves them."

She added she had taken the kittens to meet her grandfather at his care home, and residents there named them Rupert, Doreen and Marion.