Pot for pets: Cannabis treats being offered for elderly and ailing animals

Pot: The products are being aimed at elderly dogs as natural pain relievers
Pot: The products are being aimed at elderly dogs as natural pain relievers

Medical marijuana is now legal in over two dozen states in the United States and with this comes an ever-increasing market for bye-products.

The cannabis business is booming and, thus, more products are being designed to cash in on the latest laws legalising the drug. 

And the latest tred is pot for pets; Biscuits, various other edibles and capsules containing cannabis compounds are being marketed to owners of ailing and elderly animals as natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatory supplements. 

Medical marijuana is now known to help humans stave off the eye disease glaucoma, treat nausea induced by chemotherapy and ease the inflammation associated with arthritis.

Now, pet owners are hoping the pain and discomfort of their elderly pets may be eased in the same way. 

Experts say, however, the newly-developed treats and capsules aren't designed to get your Golden Labrador Jessie stoned. 

"The cannabis plant has many compounds in it," said Matthew J. Cote, brand manager at San Francisco bay area edibles manufacturer Auntie Dolores, which launched its pet-focused line Treatibles in 2014.

"Most people breed cannabis for the euphoric experience of THC. But they've been overlooking cannabidiol -- commonly known as CBD -- which is non-psychoactive."

Citing studies in Israel that suggest CBD can be used to treat epilepsy, inflammation and pain relief, Auntie Dolores decided to infuse dog biscuits as animals suffer from some of those same ailments, said Cote.

Sold online for $22 per bag of 40 treats, Treatibles contain 1 milligram of CBD per treat, ABC reports. The company's recommended dose is 1 milligram per 20-pound animal.
"What we've seen is that some of these dogs respond very rapidly," said Cote. "One woman from Fort Bragg was ready to put down her dog due to how sick and in pain he was, but the day before he was scheduled to go under, she administered our treats and just like that the dog was up, walking around and acting normally again."
Canna Companion, a Sultan, Washington-based producer of pet capsules that combine strains of dried, powdered hemp, received similar success stories and testimonials from its customers.
"Just want to say how much this product has helped my animals," writes one pet owner on the brand's Facebook page. "Bug, [my] 18-year-old cat, is playing, sleeping next to me at night, being curious and exploring... her back pain is nearly gone. I can pet her all over and she purrs! She has NEVER, until being on hemp, enjoyed being petted."