Pornhub’s traffic affected by Games of Thrones season 6

Pornhub’s traffic affected by Games of Thrones season 6

Adult website Pornhub has released a series of data showing that the latest series of hit programme Game of Thrones, has affected their traffic.

Pornhub saw a drop of 4 per cent across America as the show aired on Sunday the 24th of April, according tot the data.

This may seem like a small percentage, but when you take into account that the site’s daily traffic is upwards of 60 million, it means that 2.4 million users decided to check out Games of Thrones instead of their usual Sunday night pornography perusing session.

 According to the folks at Pornhub, throughout April, searches containing Game of Thrones were slightly above average, but shot up in the days before the season premiere, peaking at 370% on Sunday the 24th.

People who are searching for clips on the site relating to Game of Thrones, use terms like “Sex Scene” followed by “Parody” and “Porn”.

More specific searches include “Walk of Shame”, referring to a scene in which the character Cersei was forced to walk naked through the town.

Many character names appear in the searches, but others make it pretty clear what Pornhub users are in search of, such as “boobs”, “nude” and “hottie”.