Pork pie causes security risk at Manchester Airport

Pork pie causes security risk at Manchester Airport

A pork pie has caused a security risk at Manchester Airport.

Norman Pearson took the savoury snack with him to the airport before he flew to Spain, but was stopped by security because they were alerted to liquid in his bag, which was the juice in the pork pie had triggered the alert.

Norman's brother Roy told the Manchester Evening News: "Norman and pork pies are regular travelling companions but it's the first time that it has caused an issue with airport security. It certainly tickled me because he's so precise. He doesn't even wear a belt so he can get through security fast. He's mortified if he gets held up so he'd be very surprised to be held up by a pie."

Thankfully, the airport security team managed to see the funny side, and let Norman continue on his way without being separated from his mini feast.

Roy added: "Seeing the funny side of it and not being able to extract the juice from the pie and place into a plastic bag, airport security allowed both Norman and his pie to continue on their way and wished him 'bon appetit'."