Police rescue bear trapped in car

Police rescue bear trapped in car

Police have rescued a bear after it got caught in a car.

Two police officers managed to set the animal free after it managed to climb into the unlocked vehicle and trapped itself inside.

Annie, from Genesee, Colorado, was about to get in her car to go to work when she found the grizzly visitor trapped inside.

Deputies Tillman and McLaughlin, from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, responded to the emergency call from teenager Annie Bruecker.

Video footage shows the bear pressed up against the glass, pawing at the window.

Annie told the officers that she had forgotten to lock her car the night before, but didn't understand how the animal had managed to get in without causing any damage to the vehicle's exterior.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, She thought it might have been the takeaway she had in the car the day before that attracted the bear.

That will teach you to leave tempting treats in the car!