Police launch search for most stupid criminal

Can anyone spot the venetian blind this guy has stolen?
Can anyone spot the venetian blind this guy has stolen?

It is set to go down as one of the most ridiculous shoplifting incidents of 2016, with UK police looking for a man who stole a venetian blind and made a comedy getaway with the window dressing stuffed into his trousers.

Northamptonshire police have released a picture of a man who they wish to trace in connection with what they describe as "an alleged theft of a venetian blind" from the Dunelm Mill store.

Yet the image they have released suggests there is little or no doubt that the man in question is guilty of carrying out a crime to steal a product that would be worth around €10.

Unfortunately, the unwelcome shopper didn't quite get the dimensions right as he came up with a plan to do a runner with the stolen goods, as he used the hood of his jacket to conceal his loot that was towering above his head.

"Sometime between 2pm and 2.25pm on Sunday, 16 October, a man entered the store and allegedly concealed a venetian blind down one trouser leg and up the back of his jacket," read the police statement.

"He then left the store making no attempt to pay for the item. He was followed by staff up a nearby canal path, where he dropped the blind before making off. The blind was damaged as a result."

It was clear that the police statement writers was having some fun with a message that has attracted thousands of retweets on Twitter.

They may never catch this local thief, but the shame he will now feel after being caught in one of the most pathetic crimes of the year will be punishment enough.