Police dog fired because he was too friendly finds new job

Gavel the now former police dog
Gavel the now former police dog

A police dog was fired because he was more interested in getting belly rubs and attention to work on the front line.

Gavel the puppy is just one years old and has been turned down for the role in the Queensland Police Service because he does not have the "aptitude" to become a working dog.

A spokesman for Queensland Government House said: "Gavel arrived at Government House in April last year as a six-week-old puppy.

"It was intended that he would undergo a training and socialisation programme preparing to become a Queensland Police Service Dog.

"But like many aspiring QPS Dogs, Gavel did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line.

"Not all dogs display this, and Gavel proved himself to be quite sociable."

However, staff at Government House, which is the home of the governor of Queensland, decided to adopt Gavel and he is now the official 'vice-regal' dog who greets visitors to the residence.

He was described in the Sydney Morning Herald by a government spokesperson as a ‘valued and much-loved’ member of their staff.