Poisonous spider found in Scotland

Poisonous spider found in Scotland

A poisonous spider was found in Scotland last week.

The giant creepy-crawly, which is often found in Australia, gave residents of Dumbarton, north England, a fright when it came through the border in a shipping container.

Scottish SPCA Animal Rescue Officer Emma Bonner, who was called to the scene, told the Metro newspaper: "When I arrived one of the employees had managed to get the spider inside a clear bag within a container.

The huntsman spider, which can grow up to five inches wide and strikes its prey by biting it and injecting it with its venom, will not kill healthy people but will give a nasty bite.

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector Fiona Henderson said: "An arachnid expert identified it as a huntsman spider.

"If a huntsman spider bites you it will not kill you, but it does contain venom. If you do get bitten by one it can be extremely painful. The spider appears in good condition and is already an adult so we are going to try to find a specialist home for it."