Pic: Policeman looks after toddler following fatal car crash

The image has gone viral
The image has gone viral

A policeman in Colorado decided his duty was to care for a little girl, and the image is going viral

The image, captured by passer by Jessica Matrious and posted on Reddit, shows the policeman holding a toddler in his arms, making sure she is shielded from the car crash she was just rescued from.

The crash, which happened when the SUV the child was in careered off the road on Thursday morning in Brighton, Colorado, claimed the life of a man, while a woman and another child were hospitalised.

Three other children, including the toddler the picture, were not seriously injured.

Matrious said of the crash: 

 “They took an extreme sharp right turn and just immediately started to roll. I pulled over, obviously, and started running to the field to see what I could do.

"It's so horrible to see something like that happen, especially because it could have been prevented. If the father was wearing a seatbelt, then he'd still be here."