Pic: Man arrested on magic mushroom charges has happiest mug shot ever

Happy: Kalb's mugshot
Happy: Kalb's mugshot

We have never seen a happier mug shot in our lives.

The man in the shot is David Kalb, who was picked up by cops in Pennsylvania earlier this week after police got a disturbance call.

They found Kalb in outside his neighbour's door, claiming he had lost his room key.

Police led him back to his own apartment and when he asked them to help look for his key, they discovered quit e alrge amount of illegal stuff, namely 70 magic mushrooms and a small amount of cannabis and other drug paraphernalia.

Kalb is now in Westmoreland County Jail - who provided the mug shot - and he is due back in court to face the charges next week. 

We wonder will he still be smiling then.