Pic: Cork man comes face-to-face with false widow spider in his house

Sean's picture of the flase widow in his house
Sean's picture of the flase widow in his house

A spider with a venemous bite was waiting for a Cobh barman when he got home from work last night.

Sean Roynane, a bar man in Cobh, has told Independent.ie about his brush with one of Ireland's most fearsome arachnids last night when there was a false widow spider waiting for him on his door.

“I have an interest in spiders and when I saw the spider I knew it was possibly a false widow, but I googled it to confirm,” he told Independent.ie

“It turns out it is a Steatoda nobilis, which is one of a species of false widow spider.

“I was coming home from work, I work as a barman in Cobh and came home late last night, when I noticed the false widow hanging over the back door of my house. I was shocked because I didn’t realise there were false widows in Cork.

“My mother doesn’t like spiders at all, and she wanted me to kill it, but I didn’t want to.

“So I was attempting to throw it over the backyard wall but it dropped and is still at large in the house. My mum isn’t too pleased with me at the minute. I’d say if there is one there will be a few more so I will keep a look out.”

“I’ve read that they do bite, but that the bites are more like a wasp sting. The only reason they can be dangerous is if the person bitten takes a allergic reaction,” Sean added.

The false widow does have a venemous bite, akin to a sting from a wasp, but it can trigger a severe allergic reaction in some people which could be fatal.

The infamous black widow can't survive here as it is too cold but the false widow has had a presence in Ireland for over 20 years, though it usually prefers to be outside.