Pic: A seagull s*** on Amanda Brunker at the VIP Awards

Michael O'Doherty tries to clean up Amanda Brunker
Michael O'Doherty tries to clean up Amanda Brunker

The former Miss Ireland endured an embarassing incident before the gala event at the Marker Hotel last night

The incident was captured on camera as VIP main man Michael O'Doherty did his best to help out the writer, while an eye-witness was quoted on Independent.ie.

"She comes up to the VIP interview area where organiser Michael O'Doherty is ushering people in and said: 'A seagull s*** in my hair. A seagull has just s*** on me!'

"She said this to Michael O'Doherty. And then someone handed her a serviette to wipe her hair. She turned to Michael then and asked him to remove the seagull droppings from her hair.

"Michael did his best with the napkin. Poor Amanda though, she went and it just looked like somebody spat at the back of her hair. There was nothing she could do but she bravely soldiered on."​

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