People baffled by footage of vehicles involuntarily thrown into the air

Spooky? We don't think so...
Spooky? We don't think so...

This unexplained CCTV footage shows the moment vehicles come to a stop at a level crossing and begin to levitate in the air.

The footage has left people baffled, but a sharp-eyed viewer on LiveLeak seems to have nailed the source. 

In the video, two vans and a car are at stop lights before they involuntarily start jerking up and down as if suspended by wires. 

One LiveLeaker believes he has pinpointed the reason for the supposedly unexplained 'phenomenon'. 

"It's a downed line being dragged by the truck on the right," user @BloodBathandBeyond wrote on LiveLeak.  

"Just watch the reaction of a pedestrian as he runs up to the truck warning of the problem and stopping the truck."

We think he's probably right. 

See for yourself.