Our new celeb columnist Vogue promises to shoot from the hip

Vogue has joined our team
Vogue has joined our team

The Sunday World unveils our stunning new columnist − broadcaster, DJ and model Vogue Williams.

Vogue has told of her delight at joining Ireland’s favourite Sunday newspaper, but pledges she’ll be no shrinking violet when it comes to expressing her views.

“I’m not out to be nasty, but I’m not going to sugarcoat everything either,” said the 29-year-old.

“The Sunday World is a very popular newspaper and I’m very excited to be writing for it. I come across lots of great stories in my job so it’s a great way of getting them out there.”

Vogue is enjoying a hugely successful time in her career and is a perfect match for our vibrant readership.

She recently won ITV survival show Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, is busy making a new series of Wild Girls for RTE and is enjoying record ratings for her music show on top radio station Spin.

This weekend, she and hubby Brian McFadden are celebrating getting the keys to their new Dublin pad.

“I’ve literally just got the keys and we’re very excited,” she said. “We needed a base here so it’s a big day.”

Vogue does not shy away from topical issues and in her first column today, expresses her anger at the controversial New York Times piece about the Irish students who tragically died in Berkeley.

The piece −about ‘raucous’ students partying on their J1 visas − was widely criticised for being inaccurate and insensitive.

Vogue agrees. “I thought it was absolutely disgusting. Right up at the top of the piece they talked about the J1 programme being ‘an embarrassment to Ireland’. You can’t talk about the majority of people like that.”

A former J1 student herself, she says she used to go out for a few drinks after work, but worked very hard to earn cash for college.

“The stereotyping of Ireland’s young people makes me very angry. It was a horrible piece.”

Vogue is currently filming new episodes of Wild Girls for RTE and said she’s looking forward

to the prospect of sharing her experiences of meeting these strong women with Sunday World readers.

“I’ve met women who are MMA fighters and was impressed by the level of work they put in to their sport. You need a serious amount of discipline and dedication to do what they do.”

Another episode has given her an insight into women’s sexuality and the thriving industry around it.

“It’s called Playgirls and making it has been great fun and sometimes really quite bizarre,” she added.

“I met a female sex worker, which was fascinating, and interviewed a male escort as well. In London we went to spanking classes and a couple of other crazy things like that.”

The Irish model, television and radio personality has had a busy year, and thrilled TV viewers in the Bear Grylls show, which saw her and seven other celebrities battling for 12 days in the harsh terrain of Costa Rica.

She had to navigate punishing terrain, eat creepy crawlies and even drink her own urine to stay the distance in the survival series.

Next weekend will be spent DJ-ing in Ibiza and then she’ll be travelling to the U.S. for more TV filming.

She’ll be keeping our readers updated along the way.

“I absolutely love fashion so I will be doing some fluffy bits, but I want my main column to be about something in the news, something real. I want to write something with a bit of grit.”