Sexpert says her oral sex technique is so good it can cause fatal heart attacks - Watch

The grapefruit: Auntie Angel shows off her expert technique
The grapefruit: Auntie Angel shows off her expert technique

A sex expert has claimed her oral sex technique is so good it can be fatal.

Auntie Angel’s grapefruit technique is one of the 50 featured on her DVD series and in her classes. She told VICE she has taught her techniques to over 50,000 people in the ten years she's been teaching. 

Her debut viral video - Angel's Fellatio Secrets - has been viewed over 6 million since February 2013. 

Auntie Angel, also known as Denise Walker, is 43 years old and based in Chicago where she works as a sexpert and nail technician, VICE reports. 

When asked where the grapefruit technique came from, she said: "When I first started doing fellatio I had no clue what to do, not at all. The guy I was dating wanted it, so I was pretty much learning, like a lot of people learn, from porn.

"So I was watching these porns trying to figure out what these ladies were doing, and one particular lady had a handful of fruits, and she was just doin’ her thing, and the man seemed to be in heaven.

"So I ran to the refrigerator to see what we had. There was a lemon, orange and a grapefruit – true story."

She says 'Angel' was born ten years ago after she told her friends what she was doing with a certain guy. 

"I was with a particular guy. I was so excited about things I was doing with him that I started telling my girlfriends, and they were dumbfounded. They were like, “You have to show us.

"They started telling their friends, and they told their friends. That’s how Angel was born, out of helping my girlfriends."

She told VICE she has a 'Death Technique', in which men have allegedly been killed. 

"I also have a technique called the Death Technique. And, to be honest, I have had women who have given their men my blowjobs and the men have passed away.

"Massive heart attacks. So I do tell women, I am not responsible for the death of your mate. You suck at your own risk!"

The following video is graphic, contains language some may find offensive - and is very NSFW.