One of porn's most recognisable stars is a BIG fan of Hozier

Babies? Hozier has a new fan
Babies? Hozier has a new fan

Mia Khalifa has been in the news recently.

A lot of people were hating on her for being an Arab woman performing in adult films. The Lebanese-born star received death threats from 'haters' online, who said she was a 'disgrace'. 

She gracefully and humourously did away with internet trolls in an impressive manner. 

She wrote: "Doesn’t the Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me? How about finding a president? Or containing ISIS?”

Ironically, she's become evermore popular since that whole thing happened. And her meteoric rise occurred concurrently alongside that of an Irish singer-songwriter. 

Apparently, Khalifa a huge fan of our boy Hozier.

The Irishman has certainly attracted the attention of some high-profile names, the latest being one of the most famous faces in porn. 

She even wants to have his babies...

And is now, like all of us, obsessed by his haunting voice and lyrics. 

The sky is the limit for this guy...