1D fans 'spoiled' girl's fun after she nicked Niall's knickers

The girl has been 'bullied' after posing with Horan's undies
The girl has been 'bullied' after posing with Horan's undies

The mother of the One Direction fan who stole Niall Horan's pants claims other fans have ruined a "wonderful moment".

A girl named Ashleigh Sokie revealed on Twitter and Instagram that she was "keeping" Niall's underwear after being asked to wash his clothes by her boss, who owns the house the 'Story of My Life' singer was renting in Augusta, Georgia, during the Masters golf tournament, in which he caddied for Rory McIlroy during the par three tournament last Wednesday.

However, the 20-year-old college student has since deleted her social media accounts after being trolled by defensive Directioners and her mother Maria has now spoken out to claim they've "spoiled it" for her.

She said: "She is 20 years old, at college and has a new job and she was so excited when she discovered she'd be looking after Niall.

"She's a huge One Direction fan, especially Niall. But after posting the pictures there's been a lot of negativity.

"The other fans have spoiled it. She says they have ruined a wonderful moment."

In addition to taking the Irish hunk's pants, Ashleigh also posed for a photo whilst wearing one of his polo shirts, but Maria thinks it's unfair she's been attacked, despite the invasion of his privacy.

According to The Sun newspaper, she said: "People are calling her bad names and wishing bad things on her.

"She is so upset."