Octopus found in parking garage

Octopus found in parking garage

An octopus has been found in a parking garage.

Richard Conlin was heading back to his vehicle, which he had left in a car park in Florida, only to discover the eight tentacle creature a few metres away from his vehicle.

Wanting to get advice on what to do, he posted a picture of the creature to his Facebook page, although some believed it was a prank.

However, Miami Herald newspaper consulted a University biology professor Kathleen Sullivan Sealey who believes the octopus had been hiding in a drainage pipe to hide away from the rising seas.

She said: "When that much sea water comes in the octopus is like 'What's this?' and goes to explore and ends up in a bad place."

Richard has since reassured his social media followers the sea animal is still alive and well.

He shared: "Security from the building filled a bucket with seawater , rescued it and placed it back in the bay...I spoke to them this morning and they said they believe it got away safely."