Nigerian woman files for divorce because husband’s penis is too big

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A man is being shown the door after just one week of marriage because his wife can’t handle the sheer size of his penis.

Ali Maizinari and his giant appendage are being shown the door after new wife Aisha Dannupawa realised that less is sometimes more.

“When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare” said Aisha.

“Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big.”

Aisha didn’t know what to do when faced with the prospect of another encounter with Ali’s giant gentleman sausage, so she turned to her mother for guidance.

“I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope.

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“She then gave me some drugs,’’ Aisha told the court.

The housewife, from Zamfara State, in Nigeria, then drugged herself in an attempt to tackle the issue.

She bravely gobbled some pills and gave Ali’s giant lad another shot.

“Two days later when he came to visit me, we had sex again, but the experience was too much to bear”.

“It was then I knew that I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis” she told the hearing.

Ali, who didn’t contest the divorce, nor the size of his manhood, said he wanted the N60,000 (€268) he spent on the dowry and courtship back from his ex.

The court granted Aisha the divorce on the grounds she repays Ali.