May 29th, 2016

Newest online craze called bubbling sees teens urinating in their own mouth

TrendingBy Morgan Flanagan Creagh

The latest online trend to follow neknomination is called 'bubbling' and it involves men urinating in their own mouths.

A gentleman demonstrating how to bubble correctly 

A ‘fake’ craze propagated by Australian skaters has taken an ironic twist by genuinely catching on with people around the world 'bubbling' for fun.

Bubbling allegedly began with a picture of a young man urinating in his own mouth at a rock concert.

The image in question

Bubbling, which involves men peeing in their own mouths and taking a photo, was described as being “endemic” by Australian skater Troy West in an interview with Vice Magazine.

Sources say the originally fake craze could now become the new Neknomination.

Neknomination was an online craze which saw young people the world over chugging alcohol on camera and nominating others to do so.  

It went viral, causing people to eventually drink goldfish, insects and mice in order to seem extreme. 

Several people died as a result of the drinking phenomenon.

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Although bubbling is less dangerous than imbibing litres of alcohol, it is quite disgusting and doctors recommend against drinking your pee.

Doctors: Drinking urine for medicinal purposes is a bad idea

Australian rugby league player Todd Carney was fired after pictures of him urinating in his own mouth appeared online, prompting the formation of a  Facebook group called “Piss in your mouth for Todd Carney

 Todd Carney bubbling

“Todd Carney should not of been sacked.So show your support by doing it and we will post it”, the pages states.

Carney described the incident as “just a prank’ and promoting ‘bubbling’ was incidental.

"The boys had seen me mucking around and doing it before," he said.