New website lets you check if your other half is on Tinder

Tinder users with partners might be getting nervous
Tinder users with partners might be getting nervous

A new website has been launched that allows people to check who is using dating app Tinder.

For the sum of just $5 (€4.40) you can make three searches to check out if your other half is on Tinder, without signing up for the app yourself.

Swipebuster will ask you to put in the person's first name as it appears on Facebook, their gender and their age. Then you have to put in the location you think they last used Tinder.

The site will then bring up a list of people matching those details, along with the exact time they last used Tinder.

As Tinder is public, this service isn't illegal and a person could always just look through the actual Tinder app for free.

However, the ease with which this much information is publicily available through the site's application programming interface (API) has led many to decide they can do without Tinder in their lives while others say Swipebuster highlights the amount of information about each of us that is out there.