New guy in office gets creepy email after getting chatty with lady

New guy in office gets creepy email after getting chatty with lady

Being the new person in the office is a little bit awkward at the best of times – but when you’re only a wet day in your new job and receive an anonymous email to ‘stay away’ from a member of the opposite sex you’ve got chatty with – well, you know it’s not going to end well.

‘Alex’ posted this internal work email he received on Reddit and asked people for their advice. (Incidentally, ours would be to run… run very far indeed).

He had just started his new job and got on particularly well with a girl called Julia, who was helping him to settle in. You know… light-hearted chats, where the coffee machine is, where’s good for lunch – that kind of thing.

But, little did Alex (and probably Julia, for that matter) know, their interactions were being watched.

Watched very closely indeed.

The anonymous emailer tells our office novice to ‘STAY AWAY’ (in bold and in caps, just to emphasise his displeasure, like) before going on a creepy rant about how he and Julia are ‘basically an item’, and how he has spent countless hours ‘texting her at night’.

One-way traffic there, we’d be pretty certain.

Despite telling our quivering newbie that he would ‘let him off this time’ he goes on to say how he knows everything about Julia – all her hopes, wants and aspirations. The office stalker says he knows that Julia will ‘soon see that I’m the right guy for her’ and also that they’re ‘meant to be together’.

Unlike Alex, who he says is a bozo-like clown who just finished college.

In case Alex didn’t quite grasp the severity of the situation, he signs off ‘STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM JULIA’.

To complicate the scenario further, both Alex and Julia suspect the man – a big fan of Patrick Bergin’s character in ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’, we can assume – is one of their office seniors.

A promotion probably isn’t on the cards for Alex.