New dating service where you pick someone based on how they SMELL

Smell of success
Smell of success

A new dating service has been launched that will match people based on how they react to each others smell.

The company, called Smell Dating, is the brain child of two people, a teacher and an editor, who have described the service as an art project.

However, according to NBC News, there is a real service behind the odd idea.

The first 100 clients were sent t-shirts that they had to wear, without showering or washing themselves, for three days straight.

The stinky t-shirts were then sent back to the 'sweat shop' in New York where the t-shirts were cut up into small pieces.

Then, each client is sent 10 pieces from 10 different t-shirts and they can choose who they might like to see based only on their smell.

The clients won't know anything about the owner of the piece of cloth they choose, and that includes gender, age and sexual orientation.

Users of the service pay a one-off fee of $25 (€22).