Never wash again: Nissan develop dirt proof paint

Never wash again: Nissan develop dirt proof paint

One of the terrors associated with parking on a tree-lined road is the inevitable bombardment by the local, feathered wildlife and the endless, demeaning, scrubbing, picking and general removal of bird droppings from the hard to reach parts of your car’s bodywork.

Now, perhaps, Nissan have cured my concern forever as they, this week, claim to be the first automaker to use dirt-repelling paint.

I can imagine the car washing unions will be up in arms, but the thought of never having to pick poop out of a deep crevice with a key, or queue for the Christmas Eve scrub sounds rather appealing.

The Japanese company is currently working on their specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, which claims to repel water and oils.

Testing is being carried out in Nissan's European technical centre, in, you guessed it, Switzerland, a country where it is illegal to wash your car on Sunday, use power washers and various detergents.

This new paint technology claims to repel mud, rain and everyday dirt, but there has yet been no mention of bird droppings.

The technology is called “Ultra-Ever Dry” and Nissan says they won’t be putting it on any retail vehicles any-time soon but they claim that they will “continue to consider the coating technology as a future aftermarket option.”

So here’s a great bit of technology and no you can’t have it. Back to the carwash queue with you!

The new paint has been applied to a Nissan Note, check out the video here: