Nazi-themed dance performed by group of teenagers in Mexico divides opinion

Not exactly 'The Producers'...
Not exactly 'The Producers'...

This Nazi-themed dance in Mexico as performed by a group of teenagers has divided opinion on the internet.

The three-minute routine, performed at Cheerdance ACMX in Guadalajara, features young dancers in military uniform, brandishing a swastika flag and goose-stepping around a stage.

Some have adopted the attitude that it is ‘just a dance’, while others have called the teenagers ‘stupid’ and criticised the competition for allowing the group to enter.

One YouTube user even demands that the choreographer be fired for their part in planning the routine.

Enrique Casas, director general and organiser of Cheerdance ACMX, defended the dance, saying it was not intentionally offensive and was simply acting out a story.

‘Art in any form can be surprising,’ he told FOX News Latino.