Naked drunk driver caught doing 110mph with three women in the car

Noe Dejesus's mug shot after the incident
Noe Dejesus's mug shot after the incident

A man was pulled over by cops in Florida this week for speeding and that was when cops discovered he was also drunk, naked and accompanied by three women.

Fox News report that Florida Highway Patrol pulled over Noe Dejesus at 3pm on Saturday after reports of a man driving erractically had been received.

When he was pulled over the cop noticed that Dejesus had no shirt on and that there was an open 12-pack of Corona in the car. There were also three female passengers in the vehicle.

The cop then asked Dejesus to get out of the car and that was when he noticed he was completely naked and smelling strongly of alcohol.

The 33-year-old now faces charges of driving under the influence and driving without a licence.