Music producer gives his corpse to fetish magazine to be mutilated by bikini clad babes

Girls and Corpses magazine
Girls and Corpses magazine

There are many strange stories stemming from strange dying wishes, but none as gruesomely bizarre as that of music producer Kim Fowley.

Kim Fowley (Pic: The Los Angeles Beat)

Fowley, who died last week, wanted his body to be sent to Girls and Corpses magazine, to be mutilated.

Girls And Corpses describes itself as "Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead" and features images of scantily clad women posing with decomposing corpses.

75-year-old Fowley, who was famous for managing The Runaways, working with John Lennon, Cat Stevens and KISS, died from bladder cancer last Thursday.

Before passing, Fowley recorded an ode to the bizarre magazine.

In emails sent the publisher, Fowley stated that he wanted his then-girlfriend, dominatrix Snow Mercy, to "star" in the mag with him, writing: "Snow, and her fetish friends, could mutilate the body, providing real blood and guts and set my bones and blood on fire."

Kim with Snow Mercy

Girls And Corpses decided not to feature the gory details, but agreed to photograph his corpse covered in models for their cover.

The fetish obsessed music producer’s plans have met a hurdle as he is officially married to Kara Wright, not Snow, and they need to get her permission for the creepy shoot.