Mums turning umbilical cord into jewellery

Mums turning umbilical cord into jewellery

Mothers are turning their babies' umbilical cords into jewellery.

New mums have decided to keep hold of the tough cable, which attaches the baby in the womb to its mother, cut off at birth in order to turn them into fashionable pieces and accessories.

The cords are weaved into the desire design - hearts are popular - while they're still "fresh" and then baked to dry them out.

Natalie Hoflin uploaded a photograph of a tried out cord on to her Instagram account and accompanied it with the caption: "Umbilical cord keepsake. Even after being clamped & dehydrated there is no denying the life force magick still pulsating through it. It's so wild that the female form can create an entire brand spanking new organ, all for the growing lil' gumnut...then expels it, as if it were never even there! Ah, body miracles (sic)"

Another social media user Lena Brown decided to put her daughter's umbilical cord into a picture frame.

She said: "Never posted a picture of this, BUT this is my daughters umbilical cord shaped into a "O" with a wave inside.. Cause her name is Ozeana duhh, haha.. My midwife did this for me after I gave birth! I think it's so beautiful (sic)"