Mum designs Harry Potter nursery

Mum designs Harry Potter nursery

An American mum of four and die-hard Harry Potter fan has created a nursery for her baby designed in the style of the J.K. Rowling books.

Tiffany Nicole, from Colorado, US, managed to whip up the baby chamber in a matter of two months, proving that just like her favourite book character - who was played by Daniel Radcliffe in the movie franchise - there is magic in her fingertips.

It features wanted posters, a miniature version of Harry's snowy owl, Hedwig, a broomstick and even a cute collection of outfits embroidered with the signature quotes.

She posted photos of the Potter-themed room to Buzzfeed's 'Room of Requirements' Facebook page, which racked up the blue thumb approval of nearly 8 thousand people.

Tiffany's caption reads: "Finally finished my son's Harry Potter nursery!"